Advisory - COVID Vaccinations

Posted On: September 21, 2021

This is an advisory to all NDs in Ontario reminding you that you are not permitted to discuss COVID-19 vaccinations (or any other vaccinations) with patients, nor can you suggest alternatives to vaccinations, such as Nosodes, as doing so is prohibited by Health Canada. This is the case regardless of the recommendation you would be providing to your patients.

NDs in Ontario do not have the tools necessary to diagnose COVID-19 nor do they have access to the medications to treat the virus’s more serious symptoms. As a result, COVID-19 is outside of the scope of practice of the profession. In keeping with the Standard of Practice on Scope of Practice, patients who have questions about COVID-19 and the vaccinations must be referred to a regulated health care provider (i.e., physicians and nurse practitioners) who can diagnose and treat the virus, as well as answer their questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. You may also refer a patient to the local health unit for more information about COVID-19 vaccinations or visit the COVID-19 Ministry of Health website.

In situations where the College learns about a specific ND who is discussing vaccinations with patients or who are taking positions using their credentials as NDs against public health measures, including public health recommendations to be vaccinated, we may initiate an investigation into the matter based on allegations of professional misconduct.

We recognize that as individuals you may have your own views on a variety of COVID-19 matters, including public health restrictions and vaccinations. While you are entitled to your own individual views, you cannot express those views using your credentials as an ND. In doing so, you cross from personal opinions into professional opinions. In order to express a professional opinion, you must have met all of the requirements of practise to do so, including having the knowledge, skill and judgment, and the matter being within your scope of practise.

More Information: COVID-19 Vaccinations Fact Sheet