5 reasons to volunteer with the College

Posted On: February 21, 2020

We are actively looking for volunteers to fill a variety of roles. Whether you’re a member of the public or a naturopath (ND), volunteering can enrich your life. Learn more and apply today!

1. You’ll have an impact
Our volunteers really do make a difference! In fact, they contribute over 40,000 hours to the College each year. Volunteers make decisions and provide input that has a direct and positive impact on the safe, competent and ethical delivery of naturopathic care to patients.

2. You’ll expand your connections
Many people broaden their personal and professional networks and form lasting relationships as a direct result of volunteering.

3. You’ll gain new perspective & learn new skills
We can guarantee you will learn something new and explore different points of view. You will also receive training on topics like Unconscious Bias and other areas that are relevant to your role, which volunteers say they have been able to apply directly to other parts of their lives too.

4. It can support your health and well-being
You might see a positive increase in your overall satisfaction with life. Giving back in meaningful ways can help to increase happiness and people’s sense of accomplishment. Lower stress levels and increased well-being have also been associated with volunteering.

5. It can enhance your career and/or practice 
You can build on skills and knowledge you already have and use them to benefit the College, the profession and patients. Volunteering also helps people build leadership skills and gain valuable experience in decision-making by collaborating with others.

Here’s what a few of our volunteers have to say about their experience:

“It is a great learning opportunity while being able to serve the public. The health care system will affect everyone, eventually!”
– public member

“My motivation to volunteer was to give back and get involved with policy making. Now it’s more of a labour of love.”
– professional (ND) Member

“It’s raised the standards of how I manage my own naturopathic practice.”
– professional (ND) Member

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