Governance Review & Timeline

Governance of self-regulated professions – in Canada and around the world - is undergoing rapid change.

The Council’s Executive Committee recognizes the importance of examining those changes and trends and assessing ways to further enhance public trust and safety in how the profession is governed. As a result, the Executive Committee is launching a formal Governance Review starting this Spring and culminating with a final public report in Spring 2020. It will help the College remain at the forefront of regulatory change, rather than just reacting to it.

The Governance Review will follow a developmental process. The approach will examine evidence, trends and best practices in regulatory governance, and will include stakeholder consultations with opportunities for both the public and the profession to contribute.

The College Council will be involved throughout the process and will ultimately play a key role in creating the new vision that will guide governance of the profession into the future.

We will post regular updates in our newsletters and on this page, including information about the stakeholder consultations that will take place later this Fall.