Non-members and Titles


Applicants and naturopathy graduates

Graduates of a naturopathic program cannot use the doctor title or the naturopath/ND designation in Ontario before becoming registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. ND is not an academic credential. Completing an academic program in naturopathy, at any level, does not entitle the graduate to use the designation.

Using the designation before becoming registered with the College suggests to the public that the graduate is currently registered to practise. If such misrepresentation comes to its attention, the College can issue the graduate a cease and desist letter. Should the graduate decide to apply for membership, the College will consider that conduct when reviewing the application.

In the past, we have noticed that some graduates of CNME-accredited programs begin using the title “ND (cand)” to represent that they are a candidate for the title of ND. This listing is not a registration category and is considered to be misleading to the public. It should not be used at any time by graduates of a CNME-accredited program working in Ontario.