Thorough consultations are key to transparency and accountability. They are an opportunity to collect feedback on proposed changes to important documents, including policies governing the profession, By-laws, proposed Regulations, and standards of practice and associated guidelines.

Consultations let us consider both the views of the people affected by these documents and the consequences, intended and unintended.

Consultations are intended to be as broad as possible, with input from the public, the profession, stakeholders, and other regulators in Ontario and across Canada.

Consultation process

As part of an open process, the College will post the documents on which it is seeking feedback on this page. Consultations may range from 30 days for policies and standards to 60 days or more for Regulations and By-laws.

Current open consultations

By-Law Consultation Deadline November 22, 2021

The College of Naturopaths of Ontario is undertaking a consultation of Registrants and stakeholders of the College about proposed changes to the by-laws of the College as they relate to the:

  1. Election of Council members; and
  2. Fees associated with a Payment Plan offered by the College.

The proposed changes are in draft form, and the Council has not made any decisions yet. The feedback received from this consultation will be presented to the Council for review and consideration, along with any final proposed changes.

We encourage everyone to read them carefully as these proposed changes impact the process for electing Council members and individual rights of Registrants to vote.

Registrants and stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the proposed by-law changes. Feedback should be sent by e-mail to and must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on November 22, 2021.

You can view the summary of proposed changes here.

Past consultations

Below you will find consultations from the past three years for which the feedback period has ended.

Drug Consultation summary- 2019

By-law Consultation – October 2020

Core Competencies Consultation – December 2020

Inspection Program Requirements Consultation – March 2021

Inspection Program Fees Consultation – March 2021