Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam

If you are not transferring your ND registration from another regulated Canadian jurisdiction, you must first complete the College’s Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam. The exam, which replaced the NPLEX II exam on April 1, 2019, will test your knowledge of necessary naturopathic competencies for the treatment of patients.

The exam is a mix of case-based and stand-alone questions, which test for clinical readiness and emphasizes a candidate’s ability to apply knowledge and critical thinking.

The April 2020 version of the examination blueprint. It includes the competencies and weighting to be tested in each content area.

The study reference guide provides information on testable content and sample questions.

The Ontario Clinical Sciences and Ontario Biomedical Examinations Handbook available outlines the procedural components of this exam, including pre- and post-exam processes such as requesting an accommodation and information about scoring.

Upcoming exams—Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam

Registration for the August 10, 2021 session of the Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam is now closed. The College is no longer accepting exam registration applications for this session.

For information about upcoming sessions, timetables, and exam transcript release dates, please see our Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam Schedule.

First-time applicants must first submit an Application for Pre-Registration Form along with valid photo ID.