Mentoring Education Program

The Mentoring Education Program (MEP) works in a direction that is opposite to the CMGP. Rather than grouping any mentors and mentees into a collective group, the MEP is open to any mentee who wishes to participate in one or more education sessions being offered by the College and delivered by a Mentor. Under this program, Mentors will be invited to provide a 1-2 hour educational program offered virtually by the College on evenings and weekends. Sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing by mentees and any College volunteer on demand.

All mentees are automatically enrolled in the program and invited to any educational program being offered that may be of interest to them. Session topics include but are not limited to:

  • Policy writing for health regulation.
  • The Role of the Council and Key Council Leaders.
  • Committee Members, Chairs and meeting processes.
  • Meeting facilitation.
  • Council and Committee Evaluation Process.
  • Risk Management and Risk Mitigation.
  • Understanding financial information and reports.
  • Exploring the intricacies of the public interest.
  • Identifying and managing conflict of interest.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Issues for regulators.

Suggestions for more topics of interest are welcomed from any individual. The College will work with recommendations to identify potential Mentors who could provide education on those topics.

How to get involved in the Mentoring Educational Program (MEP)

The Governance Committee of the Council and the College are planning several educational sessions for both Volunteers and Registrants of the College. Click here for a list of upcoming events.

Anyone interested in a particular session or even offering a session to volunteer colleagues is invited to send their ideas and information to the College’s Mentorship Coordinator, Dr. Anthony Moscar, ND, at