Committee Mentorship Groups Program

The Committee Mentorship Groups Program (CMGP) will be a series of Committee Groups that focus on specific functions within the Committee and Council structure. A group can have any number of mentors and mentees if they have a desire to work together to further their collective learning and experience through group engagement. Though not necessarily limited to the following, some examples of the groups might include:

  • Leadership Group: for Chairs and Vice-Chairs of Council and Committees to hone their skills at chairing meetings.
  • Decision Writing Group: for individuals who are currently or wish to be involved in drafting decisions and reasons for any of the committees, including Registration Committee (RC), Discipline Committee (DC), Fitness to Practice Committee (FTPC) and Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC).
  • Regulatory Systems Group: for individuals who wish to learn more about the health regulatory model in Ontario and with the College by exploring and discussing issues, review various legal blogs and articles to see their application to the College.
  • Health Systems Group: for individuals who wish to learn more about Ontario and Canada’s health system and how the pieces of the system work together to form a network that supports Canadians and Ontarians.
  • Risk-based Regulation Group: for individuals who are interested in understanding the relationship between risk and health regulation, and want to work collectively to develop a model that focuses on risk as a preventative regulatory approach.

How to get involved in Groups

To join a group one of the groups outlined under the Committee Mentorship Groups Program, enroll in your chosen group(s) using this online form. Once a group has two or more people in it, we will contact with you to start the process of setting up regular working sessions.

Have Questions or Suggestions?

We welcome your questions or suggestions!  Please contact the College’s Mentorship Coordinator, Dr. Anthony Moscar, ND at