Mentoring Program

How the Mentoring Program works

Our mentorship program operates on three levels, ensuring that there are opportunities to provide support in a way that is meaningful individually for its participants.

  1. Intra-Committee Mentorship Program – Experienced volunteers providing support and guidance to new volunteers on their committees.
  1. Committee Mentorship Groups Program – Volunteers who have experience in performing specific volunteer roles guiding and supporting volunteers on other committees who are seeking help.
  1. Mentoring Education Program – Staff and volunteers providing  education to volunteers and Registrants on the College who are interested in specific topic areas.

Intra-Committee Mentorship Program

As its name suggests, this program offers mentorship within the Committee/Council structure. Each newly elected or appointed Council or Committee member will be invited to sign up for the Intra-Committee Mentorship Program (ICMP) where they will be paired with a mentor within their own Committee. The mentor will be a person to whom the mentee can reach out for advice and support around the work of their committee and how the Committee operates.

How to get involved as a mentor or mentee

To join the Mentorship Program, existing volunteers are invited to enroll in the Program using this online form. After completing this form, it will reload on your web browser to allow you to make additional entries. You can enroll as a mentor or mentee for any number of roles you play with the College (except you cannot be a mentor and mentee for the same committee/program).

After enrollment, we will contact you and others from the Committee and begin matching up mentors to mentees.

Have Questions or Suggestions?

We welcome your questions or suggestions! Please contact the College’s Mentorship Coordinator, Dr. Anthony Moscar, ND at