Registration Renewal 2019 

Registration Renewal for 2019 is now closed

Renewing your registration is a two-step process:

1. Paying the annual registration fee; and 
2. Completing your Information Return. 

1. Paying your Registration Fee

Fees for the registration year beginning April 1, 2019 are: 

 Class  Fee  HST  Total
 General  $1,579  $205.27  $1,784.27
 Inactive  $792  $102.96  $894.96

A late fee will be automatically applied to those who have not yet paid their registration fee by the March 31st deadline. Fees will be available to pay online via your College user account cart on February 14, 2019. 

Those paying by cheque, money order or bank draft must ensure payment is received by the College before 5:00 p.m. EST on March 29, 2019. 

2. Completing your Information Return

In addition to paying the registration fee, Members must also report certain information on an annual basis as required under the Registration Regulation and by HealthForceOntario. 

The information provided must be accurate and complete. Please ensure that you read the questions carefully before submitting the Information Return and use the resources provided. A correction notice fee will be applied to those who submit incorrect or incomplete information.  

Help with your Information Return
By reviewing and using these tools, the process should take less than 30 minutes to complete. 

Ready to begin your Information Return? You will need:

a calculator;
your scheduler or appointment book (to provide practice hour information);
contact information for all practice locations;
registration information related to any other professional registrations you hold (in Ontario and in other jurisdictions)
your professional liability insurance coverage certificate;
any information and documentation about findings of guilt or current proceedings.

Click Here to Complete the 2019 Information Return

IMPORTANT NOTE: The website and the Information Return form are not fully supported by all web browsers, and in particular are not compatible with Internet Explorer. The College recommends using Chrome or Firefox to access the form and the website. If you have ongoing difficulties, please contact the College for assistance at (416) 583-6002 or