Boundaries. Expectations. Respect. These are just a few of the words patients used when we asked them about the concept of a patient information sheet about their rights when being treated by a health care professional – including naturopaths.

Patients told us that knowing their rights increases their comfort level by outlining parameters and boundaries for care, and helps them feel respected and part of the treatment process. They said they feel much more at ease emotionally when they know what to expect, understand the treatment(s) being proposed, and know how to resolve questions or difficulties that may arise in the course of treatment.

Created by our Patient Relations Committee, our new one-page Patient Rights handout is customizable so NDs can download and use it in ways that fit with their practice approach and style. We created simple graphic design options in Microsoft Word with space for NDs to add their own logo and other relevant business information. It’s also available in French.

The handout includes input from consultation with the public and feedback from members of the Citizen Advisory Group - a formal volunteer group of patients and caregivers who help bring the voice and perspective of the public to health care regulation in Ontario.

The text reflects existing requirements in the College’s Standards of Practice and Guidelines.

Download a copy today!