Last fall the use of recreational cannabis became legal in Canada. The topic continues to be featured in the news and in conversations among health care professionals. To help our Members understand how legalization impacts their practice, the College created a professional Guideline for Non-medical (recreational) Cannabis, which interprets the Cannabis Act, 2018 in conjunction with the College’s regulations and standards of practice. 

Here is a brief recap of what the legalization of recreational cannabis means for Naturopaths in Ontario.

  • Naturopaths cannot prescribe, dispense or sell cannabis in Ontario.
    • Patients seeking a prescription for medical cannabis should be referred to a medical doctor or nurse practitioner authorized to prescribe it.
  • Members who possess the knowledge, skill and judgment specific to cannabis may, where appropriate, provide guidance to patients who are interested in incorporating non-medical (recreational) cannabis into their lives. When requested by a patient, Members may consider providing guidance in the following areas with regard to the use of non-medical (recreational) cannabis.  Guidance should be neutral, unbiased and may include general information about:
    • the various types of strains;
    • potency, amount and frequency;
    • potential risks and benefits; and
    • contraindications and considerations with regard to current medications, natural health products and health history.


    Members who use non-medical cannabis themselves should ensure that it does not impact their delivery of professional services nor influence the guidance provided to their patients.