In today’s connected world, patients have access to what seems like unlimited information about health care options, treatments, and providers. Part of our role as the College is to help patients make informed choices about their care by providing them with information about Ontario’s naturopaths. The primary way we do this is through the Public Register on our website.

The four-part Public Register is an important source of information about naturopaths who are registered to practise in the province, as well as the names of people who claim to be naturopaths, but are not. The Register is updated in real-time.

Naturopathic Doctor Register contains detailed information about all naturopaths registered with the College, including their registration type and status, practice information, and whether they have met the requirements to provide certain additional services like Intravenous Infusion Therapy and the ability to prescribe certain drugs and substances.

Professional Corporations Register contains information about a type of corporation where a naturopath owns shares and is a director.

The Intravenous Infusion Therapy (IVIT) Premises Register identifies clinics where IVIT is offered, including whether a premises is registered with the College and is authorized to provide IVIT at that location.

The Unauthorized Practitioner Register lists people who are not registered with the College but who refer to and/or present themselves as naturopaths. Holding themselves out to be a regulated health professional is illegal.