This is a guest post by Dr. Mary-Ellen McKenna ND (Inactive) the College's Manager of Inspections

The Inspection Program authorizes the College to inspect premises where Members compound for and administer, intravenous infusion therapy (IVIT). The intent of the program is to ensure that Ontarians who choose to access these services receive safe, quality care. The College supports this by supporting continuous quality improvement for its Members who provide IVIT.

Since the program's inception in March 2017, 158 premises have registered with the College. Following an inspection these premises can receive an outcome of a pass, a pass with conditions, or a fail.

While it is only a little over a year* since it began, it is fitting to ask if the Inspection Program is improving the safety and quality of IVIT care being delivered. The wholehearted answer to this question is yes and here are the reasons why.

  • In general, inspectors are finding that the majority of Members are taking steps to meet the Inspection Program Requirements and, for the most part, are succeeding.
  • Of the 66 premises that were inspected:
    • 44 premises have received an outcome of a pass.
    • Four passed with conditions restricting Members from administering IVIT until the conditions were met. All premises made the necessary changes and received a final outcome of a pass, allowing them to resume administering IVIT.
    • 17 received a pass with conditions for improvement that did not restrict the performance of IVIT procedures. In all but one instance, the Members chose to make the changes needed to rectify the identified deficiencies resulting in a final outcome of a pass.
    • The one premises with a failed outcome took the necessary steps to address the deficiencies and concerns outlined in the Inspection Committee Report. As a result of the changes and information provided, the premises received a final outcome of a pass.
  • Many Members have chosen to address the deficiencies pointed out by the inspector during the inspection, prior to receiving the outcome. Proof of the changes that were made were provided to the Inspection Committee to consider when determining the outcome. In these instances, outcomes that could have been a pass with conditions became a pass. 

It is clear that Members providing IVIT at the premises inspected to date take the care of their patients very seriously and have responded to the expectations of the Inspection Program in a positive and meaningful way. When deficiencies are identified, the vast majority of the premises have initiated changes to ensure patients benefit from improved quality of care. All deficiencies that posed a risk of harm to patients were addressed and have been rectified. Any deficiencies that were not met, did not pose a risk of harm to patients and therefore will be followed up on at the next inspection.

*at the time of writing