Jurisprudence Examination

The Jurisprudence Exam is an entry-to-practice requirement for all applicants wishing to become registered as a naturopathic doctor in Ontario.  Applicants must have completed the exam no more than two years before submitting their Application for Registration to the College.

The examination is offered on-line and is available at any time for Applicants, upon payment of the Jurisprudence Examination Fee.

To be considered eligible for the Jurisprudence Examination, you must meet one of the following examination eligibility criteria:

  • Graduated from a CNME-accredited program;
  • Have successfully completed the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Program;
  • Have completed a Pre-Registration Form with the College indicating that you are registered with another Naturopathic regulatory authority in Canada and intend to transfer to Ontario;
  • Hold a Certificate of Registration with the College.

Examination Fees

The fees to take the Jurisprudence Examination are as follows:

  • Initial Jurisprudence Examination                        $75 + HST 
  • Re-take of the Jurisprudence Examination          $75 + HST

Accessing the Jurisprudence Examination

To register for the Ontario Jurisprudence Examination (following review of the Ontario Jurisprudence Handbook), please CLICK HERE
To access the Ontario Jurisprudence Examination once registered, please CLICK HERE.

Important Information about the Jurisprudence Examination

The following is important information about the Jurisprudence Examination:

  • The Jurisprudence examination may be re-attempted multiple times until a passing score is obtained however; the re-take fee applies for each subsequent attempt; 
  • You should review the Jurisprudence Handbook before attempting the exam;
  • A French version of the exam may be made available upon request;
  • Requests for testing accommodations will be considered on an individual basis in accordance with the College’s Examinations Policy
  • You should not attempt the jurisprudence exam until you are within two years of your application for final registration as a naturopathic doctor.

If you have any questions about the Jurisprudence Exam, please e-mail exams@collegeofnaturopaths.on.ca