Consultation - Standards of Practice and Guidelines  

As a part of its strategic objectives, the College reviews and where appropriate revises 25% of its Standards of Practice and Practice Guidelines on an annual basis.  As a part of this process the College consults with stakeholders - the public, Members of the profession, other health regulatory Colleges, professional associations and educators - to get valuable feedback.

All feedback is appreciated - both what you think works well and what you think does not work well.  Please note your comments will be published anonymously on the College website.

Please take a few minutes to review the draft Standards of Practice and Practice Guidelines.  Once you have reviewed the documentation, please send us any comments, feedback or questions you may have.

Deadline has been extended.  Please send your feedback on or before: June 15, 2018

Standards of Practice

Standards of Practice outline the minimum standards that all registered naturopaths in Ontario must meet.

Standards of Practice set out the legal and professional basis for the practice of naturopathy.  Each standard describes the expected level of performance for that topic, and together they form a framework for ensuring continuing competence among NDs. Standards of Practice are established as a consensus of the profession and are statements from NDs on how they practice.  They are subsequently used by the profession to evaluate the performance of NDs by their peers.

Your feedback is being sought on the following Standards of Practice:

Conflict of Interest     
Addition of performance indicators regarding managing situations where it is not possible to avoid a conflict of interest.

Added that members do not recommend products or services that are not clinically indicated.
Dual Registration

Addition of performance indicator that treatments recommended are based solely on patient need.

Fees and Billing Reorganization of the Performance Indicators.

Addition that requisitioning laboratory tests are not marked up.
Infection Control

Reorganization of the Performance Indicators.

Update to the Resources hyperlinks. 

Record Keeping     
Added performance indicators to section 3 (Patient Charts) regarding ensuring that charts contail all information pertaining to patient's chief complaint(s), consent, reactions/feedback to treatment and relevant referral information.

Added performance indicators to section 4 (Electronic Records) regarding storing backed-up files and transitioning from paper to electornic records.

Removed the section on Equipment Records.

Added a section on Disposing of Patient Records.

 Restricted Titles                    An addition was made to the performance indicators for section 2 (Presentation of Other Credentials) regarding the use of titles restricted by other legislation.

* All Standards of Practice can be dowloaded below.

Practice Guidelines

Practice Guidelines are intended to elaborate on the Standards of Practice of the profession.  Guidelines provide recommendations on how NDs can deal with particular situations to be compliant with the rules, regulations and standards.  To complement the hight level descriptions found in other documents, guidelines offer further meaning, context and clarity. The guidelines are helpful in offering scenarios, checklists and issues to consider.

Your feedback is being sought on the following Practice Guidelines:

Conflict of Interest   
An additional scenario was added to the guideline regarding close personal relationships.

Contraindications for Manipulation

No changes made.

* All Guidelines can be downloaded below.

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