Summary of Changes

At its meeting on March 6, 2019, the College Executive Committee approved changes to a number of Standards of Practice and Guidelines that outline quality and safety expectations for services provided to patients by naturopaths. The table below reflects the changes to each document.

Name of Document  Summary of Changes
Standard of Practice: Conflict of Interest
  • Added a definition of Financial Benefit
  • Added steps to take where a conflict cannot be avoided 
Guidelines – Contraindications for Manipulation
  •  No changes made
Standard of Practice: Record Keeping
  • Replaced the section on Equipment Records with Disposing of Patient Records
  • Significantly increased the section on Electronic Records including a section about transitioning from paper records

Standard of Practice: Infection Control
  • Minor housekeeping and reorganization changes made 
Guidelines – Conflict of Interest
  •  Added 2 new examples related to treating a family member and self-referrals
  • Added additional information about Self-Referrals

Standard of Practice: Fees and Billing
  • Added a definition of Markup
  • Added the wording that is included in the Laboratory Testing Standard that outlines where fees may be charged for items related to collecting a specimen and requisitioning laboratory tests
Standard of Practice: Dual Registration
  •  Added the wording that records clearly distinguish between and identify in what capacity the member is acting
  • Removed section requiring that only naturopathic services be provided when a visit is scheduled
  • Minor housekeeping amendments to ensure clarity in differentiating between naturopathic and other professional services

Standard of Practice: Restricted Titles
  • Added that members do not use terms, titles or designations that are restricted by other legislation (e.g. Physician)
  • Added in a definition of specialization