Patient Relations/Sexual Abuse Program Overview

Relationships between Naturopathic Doctors and patients should be therapeutic.  Patients benefit from:
  • knowing what happens when they’re assessed and treated by a Naturopathic Doctor;
  • understanding what are reasonable expectations when seeing a Naturopathic Doctor; and
  • knowing what to do if they feel they haven’t received the care expected or have been abused.
Under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA), the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, like every other health regulatory College in Ontario, has to have a Patient Relations Committee.  It provides programs, education and resources to help patients and Naturopathic Doctors to understand professional behaviour, and to prevent the sexual abuse of patients. 

The College has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse or impropriety by members of the College.  All NDs and employers are required to report, in writing, if they learn of, or witness, the sexual abuse of a patient by an ND or any other regulated health practitioner.  Reports must go to the College or, in the case of suspected abuse by another category of health professional, to the governing body of that professional. Failure to report the incident is an offence under the RHPA.

To help our members and patients understand these important requirements, the College has prepared:
For any questions or clarification about the Patient Relations Program, please contact the College.