Professional Corporations Register

A naturopathic professional corporation is a distinct type of corporation defined in legislation. Only naturopaths may own shares or be a director of this type of professional corporation. The Professional Corporations Register contains the following information about each professional corporation registered with the College:
  • Certificate of authorization number.
  • Corporation name.
  • Business address.
  • Contact information: corporate phone number, fax number and email.
  • Initial registration date of the corporation.
  • Expiry date of the current or most recent certificate of authorization.
  • Status of the corporation’s certificate of authorization. That includes active status (the professional corporation is currently registered with a valid certificate from the College) or, when the corporation no longer holds a valid certificate, expired, dissolved, merged or revoked.
  • Description of the activities conducted by the corporation.
  • List of the facilities associated with the professional corporation.
  • List of all of the corporation’s current directors and shareholders.