Protecting the Public

The College of Naturopaths of Ontario is the governing body for the profession in Ontario. As a regulator, the College’s goals are to protect patients and support their right to safe, competent and ethical care.  The College holds its Members – about 1,400 naturopathic doctors across the province – accountable for their conduct and practice.

The roles and powers of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario are set out under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and the Naturopathy Act, 2007.  The main roles of the College are to:

  • Issue certificates of registration to naturopaths who have met the professional requirements, enabling them to practise.
  • Develop, monitor and update Standards of Practice and other Guidelines. These are the rules that every naturopathic doctor working in Ontario must follow.
  • Assist naturopaths to remain current with their practice and grow their knowledge throughout their careers. This includes setting out quality assurance and continuing education programs, and practice hour requirements.
  • Investigate complaints against naturopaths and conduct hearings as needed for possible professional misconduct or incompetence.

Citizen Advisory Group – call for volunteers

Are you passionate about patient-centric care and want to help shape the evolution of health care regulation? The College and nine other health regulators have partnered to develop a Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) to bring added patient insight to our work.

Originally formed by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, the expanded CAG will meet four times a year in Toronto. Its goal is to get public input on policy, standards, communications and more. Members are different from public members on the College's governing Council in that they provide an “arm’s-length” perspective and are not bound by fiduciary duty to the College.

If you're interested and want to find out if this is the right volunteer opportunity for you, please contact Beth Ann at or 416-986-0576. Volunteers are welcome from any community in Ontario. Travel and other meeting-related expenses will be covered.