About Title Protection

In health care, titles are important. Only people who have attained the necessary  education and demonstrated the requirements to practise can use what is called a protected title.

To use a protected title is a privilege. The public should have confidence that anyone using a protected title is a member of, and accountable to, a regulatory body. When the public sees a protected title, people can easily identify the professionals who are qualified to offer and provide health care, and who have met the standards needed to practise safely, ethically and competently.

Naturopath is a protected title under the Naturopathy Act. The variation of Naturopathic Doctor and the abbreviation ND are also protected under the College’s Registration Regulation. As a protected title, “Naturopath”, “Naturopathic Doctor” and “ND” (and their French equivalents) may only be used by members currently registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

For information regarding correct and improper title use, please click the applicable link: