The Prescribing Standard of Practice, Course & Exam

The General Regulation outlines the requirements, including an approved course and examination that must be successfully completed in order for a Member to meet the Prescribing Standard of Practice.

To enable NDs to begin working towards the proposed Standard of Practice requirements for prescribing, the transitional Council of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario launched the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics online course in March 2014. This course is intended to address the key competencies necessary for NDs to develop, implement and monitor evidence-based therapeutic plans, a requirement for any ND who wishes to prescribe, dispense, compound, sell, or administer by injection or inhalation the drugs listed under the General Regulation.

Building upon the pharmacology knowledge received as part of the accredited naturopathic training, this course will help ensure Members are:
  • prepared to excel as therapeutic prescribers; and
  • able to prescribe and use any number of natural substances that are restricted under federal legislation and within the context of other pharmaceuticals that their patients may have been prescribed by other regulated health practitioners.
For additional information regarding course content and instructors, you may download the Course Outline and Instructor Bios from the Resources section of the website.
Read Questions and Answers related to the Standard of Practice requirements for prescribing.

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ND Insights about the Exam
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Prescribing and Therapeutics Online Course Enrollment

The College has partnered with the Therapeutics Education Collaboration (TEC) to develop and administer the online course. Course instructors, Dr. James McCormack and Dr. Adil Virani, are both professors in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia who offer the online course via the TEC website. In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, an audio-only version of the course content is also available. This course is now open to 4th year CNME-accredited program students.  

Click here to enroll in the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics online course

Prescribing and Therapeutics Examination

Members who have enrolled in and completed the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics course are eligible to register for the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics exam. Successful completion of the exam will deem the member to have met the Standard of Practice for Prescribing, whereby the member will be able to have the authority to access and use the drugs listed in the tables in the General Regulation of the Naturopathy Act, 2007

NDs registered in another regulated Canadian jurisdiction who wish to take the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics exam are eligible to do so provided they have met the College's eligibility requirements. The exam is held in Toronto, ON, and registration for each session is handled on a first come, first served basis. 

BC and Alberta NDs presently registered in the TEC Therapeutic Prescribing course in their home province, please contact the course instructors at to arrange for the the transfer of your course registration to the Ontario Prescribing course prior to registering for the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics exam.

Eligibility for the exam has also been extended to 4th year CNME-accredited program students.

For up to date information regarding the examination, including requesting an exam deferral or an exam accommodation, please review the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics Examination handbook (revised 4/2018) available in the Resources SectionIndividuals who are looking at registering for an upcoming exam session are strongly urged to read through this information in advance. 

Upcoming Exam Dates

Exam registration for each exam session will be granted in the order of receipt. Please note each session can accommodate a maximum of 130 individuals and registration for each session is handled on a first come, first served basis.

Registration for the October 28, 2018 exam session is now closed.

For information about upcoming 2018 Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics Exams sessions, or for timetable and exam transcript release dates, please see our Examination Schedule.

Need some assistance with your online exam registration? Download the quick reference document, available by clicking HERE.