Get Involved with the College

While self-governance is a responsibility, it’s also an opportunity for the profession to promote safe, competent and ethical care.  That happens when NDs not only champion these principles in practice, but share their professional knowledge and expertise through volunteering with the College.

There are many opportunities for members to become involved in the regulatory College, including being elected to the Council of the College.  This section will focus on Non-Council volunteer opportunities.  

While we refer to these as volunteer positions, individuals involved can earn up to 18 Category B continuing education (CE) credits over their 3-year reporting period under the College’s Quality Assurance Program.  Volunteers will also receive $150 per day for the work they do on behalf of the College.

Consider becoming involved to: 
  • enhance your understanding of the legal authority, Standards and guidelines under which the College operates; 
  • have an impact on how your profession is regulated;
  • support colleagues in practice;
  • challenge yourself to grow personally and professionally; and
  • help us benefit from your energy, expertise and insight.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

There are currently no open volunteer positions with the College. However, please email us if you would like to provide us with an expression of interest for opportunities that may arise in the future..

We Welcome Diverse Involvement

For College volunteers, we are looking for NDs who bring a range of backgrounds, work experiences and perspectives from different areas of practice.  Training is available for certain positions.