Drawing Blood from a Vein or by Skin Pricking

Under the Naturopathy Act, 2007, a Member is authorized to perform the controlled act of “taking blood samples from veins or by skin pricking for the purpose of prescribed naturopathic examinations on the samples.”

A Member may only draw blood for the purposes of performing these seven tests in office:
  1. BTA Bioterrain Assessment.
  2. Glucose.
  3. Live blood cell analysis.
  4. Hemoglobin – A1C.
  5. Mononuclear Heterophile Antibodies (monospot).
  6. Fatty acids, free.
  7. Blood Group – ABO and RhD.

While the General Regulation allows Members to draw blood from a vein or by skin pricking to perform the seven examinations, they may do so only if:
  • They meet the general requirements, as outlined on the About Controlled Acts page, for performing a controlled act.
  • The blood is drawn for the purpose of assessing the patient’s health status, communicating a naturopathic diagnosis, or monitoring or evaluating the patient’s response to treatment.
  • The Member uses a Health Canada Class III Approved device, unless one does not exist, in which case the Member may only use a Health Canada approved device.
  • The Member uses the device only for the purpose intended by the manufacturer and in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Under the standards of practice stated in the General Regulation, a Member is prohibited from drawing blood from a vein or by skin pricking except for the purposes of performing the above seven tests.

More information about collecting blood and conducting tests on the specimen can be found in the Standard of Practice for Collecting Clinical Samples and the Standard of Practice for Point of Care Testing.