Amended CE Reporting Periods

(June 5, 2020) In recognition of the economic reality facing the profession due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College's Quality Assurance (QA) Committee made an important change to the continuing education (CE) reporting requirements.

The QA Committee has decided to reduce the number of required CE credits while ensuring the Members remain compliant with the Quality Assurance Program.  For the next three reporting cycles through 2022, Members will be required to submit two thirds of the required number of credits for their reporting cycle.

Participating in the Quality Assurance program is mandatory for all members of Ontario health regulatory colleges.  For health care professionals, ongoing learning and improvement is essential and is part of protecting the public.  Through the QA Program, the College gives naturopaths the tools and feedback to continually enhance their knowledge and skills.

The amended CE Requirements are as follows:

  • Category A - 20 credits, including:
    • Jurisprudence - 2 credits
    • Pharmacology - 4 credits (if you have met the Standard of Practice for Therapeutic Prescribing)
    • IVIT - 4 additional credits (if you have met the Standard of Practice for IVIT).
  • Category B - 26 credits

The following reporting deadlines will remain the same:

  • Group I - September 30, 2021
  • Group II - September 30, 2022
  • Group III - September 30, 2020
You can find your group and reporting cycles here

You can find our list of approved Category A courses here.

About Quality Assurance

Learn more about our Quality Assurance program, including a program overview, FAQs, information about the professional portfolio, and detailed descriptions about the three QA components:
  • Self Assessment,
  • continuing education, and
  • peer and practice assessment.