This is a guest post by Jeremy Quesnelle the College's Deputy Registrar.

The Council of the College of Naturopaths received a report from the Scheduled Substances Review Committee (SSRC) on October 18, 2017.  The report outlined the process the SSRC undertook to review the submissions it received and included a series of recommendations for Council to consider.  Council authorized the SSRC to undertake further investigation into the items identified as first priorities.  The complete list of first priorities can be found here

What does this mean?  
It means that the College and the SSRC are going to conduct research into the drugs/substances and labs identified as first priorities, which may include third-party analyses and reports of indications, contraindications, safety, efficacy, etc. as well as impact assessments on patients and the health system.  

It also means that the College is going to examine the possibility of seeking an amendment to the Naturopathy Act, 2007 from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to allow for categories of drugs/substances. Currently the Act requires the College to list each and every drug/substance that a member may prescribe, dispense, compound, sell or administer by injection or inhalation. The proposed change would allow for classes or categories of drugs to be listed instead. 

Once completed, a report and recommendations on which items to move forward with will be submitted to Council for review.