We are frequently asked about why we charge an administrative fee for certain processes. The purpose of the fee is to cover the extra time and expenses the College incurs when a Member fails to provide information or submit a required form within a specified time frame.

When do we charge an administrative fee? Examples include:

  • when a Member provides inaccurate information on their Renewal Information Return, or  
  • when a Member fails to submit their information return; or
  • when a Member withdraws from an examination after the registration deadline.


The fee helps us avoid having to pass extra administrative and staff time costs on to the profession and is authorized in the College’s by-laws, which state that an administrative fee of $50 plus HST may be charged in these kinds of instances.

Our goal is to ensure that we have accurate and up-to-date information about our Members, which is important to properly regulate the profession and protect the public.

Members can avoid having to pay administrative fees by submitting required documents and information on time, and by double-checking the accuracy of the information provided to the College. The Resource Centre of our website includes many handbooks, tools and forms to support naturopaths in meeting regulatory requirements. Members are also encouraged to note recurring dates, such as the annual March 31 deadline for Registration Renewal.