Ontario Clinical Examinations

Applicants for registration to practice naturopathy in Ontario, who are not transferring their ND registration from another regulated Canadian jurisdiction, must first successfully complete the College's Ontario Clinical Examinations in naturopathic manipulation, acupuncture, and physical examination/instrumentation. These clinical examinations assess an applicant's entry-level competencies to practice the profession safely, ethically and competently. 

The Ontario Clinical Examinations Handbook is available (below and in our Resources Centre) to provide detailed information about the examinations. Exam candidates should read through and retain a copy of this handbook for reference throughout the examinations process. Inquiries concerning the Ontario Clinical Examinations may be sent to exams@collegeofnaturopaths.on.ca.

Examinations Eligibility Requirements

To be considered eligible to apply for the Ontario Clinical Examinations, an applicant must:

  • Have successfully completed a Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME)-accredited program in naturopathic medicine, at least 220 hours of didactic (instructional), and at least 220 hours of didactic (instructional) AND at least 30 hours of clinical (hands-on) training in acupuncture; OR,
  • Have been deemed substantially equivalent through the College's Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) program.

Exam Fees

Fees related to the Ontario Clinical Examinations are as follows:
  • Initial Clinical Examinations Fee                                       $350 + HST
  • Re-take of any Clinical Examination (per exam) Fee*      $150 + HST
  • Administrative Fee for Deferrals                                         $50 + HST
  • Examination Appeal Fee, Each Appeal                              $75 + HST
* Candidates applying to sit (a) clinical exam(s) under the College, due to a previous unsuccessful attempt at the Ontario Board examinations under the BDDT-N, are required to pay the initial clinical examinations fee noted above. Retake fees are applicable only to subsequent attempts of the College’s clinical examinations.

Important Dates

For a list of upcoming Ontario Clinical Examination dates, including applicable deadlines for registration and requesting an accommodation, please click here.  

Initial Registration for the Ontario Clinical Examinations 

 For information regarding registering for the Ontario Clinical Examinations as a first time exam candidate, please click here.  

Re-taking the Ontario Clinical Examinations

An exam candidate who fails an examination on the first attempt can apply to re-take it a second time. After a second failure, the candidate must complete remediation as directed by the Registration Committee before a third and final attempt. An exam candidate who fails on the third attempt is not eligible to continue in the examination process without first completing an additional program of study in naturopathic medicine.

For information regarding registering to re-take one or more of the Ontario Clinical Examinations, please click here

Exam Accommodations

Candidates requesting an exam accommodation (e.g. due to a disability, health, or pregnancy-related issue) should refer to the Ontario Clinical Examinations Handbook, and ensure the required information is submitted to the College by the Ontario Clinical Examinations Registration Deadline. 


A confirmation of acceptance is issued to the candidate by email to confirm registration for the examinations following receipt of all required documentation and the exam fee(s). Specific exam day details, including sign-in times and locations, will be sent to exam candidates by email on the timetable release date noted on the Examination Schedule for that exam session.  

Online Examination Registration

Exam Registration for the September 23, 2018 session of the Ontario Clinical Examinations is now closed.  

For information about upcoming 2018 Clinical exams sessions, or for timetable and exam transcript release dates, please see our Examination Schedule.

Need some assistance with your online exam registration? Download the quick reference document, available by clicking HERE (or selecting the link below).