Ontario Clinical Examinations (Practical)

Applicants for registration to practice naturopathy in Ontario, who are not transferring their ND registration from another regulated Canadian jurisdiction, must first successfully complete the College's Ontario Clinical Examinations in naturopathic manipulation, acupuncture, and physical examination/instrumentation. These clinical examinations assess an applicant's entry-level competencies to practise the profession safely, ethically and competently. 
The Ontario Clinical Examinations Handbook (below and in our Resources Centre) provides detailed information about the examinations. Exam candidates should read through and keep a copy of this handbook for reference throughout the examinations process. Please e-mail us if you have questions about the Ontario Clinical Examinations. 

Exam Fees

Fees related to the Ontario Clinical Examinations (Practical) are as follows:

Initial Clinical Examinations Fee                                       $350 + HST

Re-take of any Clinical Examination (per exam) Fee*      $150 + HST

Administrative Fee for Deferrals                                         $50 + HST

Examination Appeal Fee, Each Appeal                              $75 + HST

Upcoming Exams 

Exam registration for the February 9, 2020 session of the Ontario Clinical Examinations (Practical) is now closed.  

For information about upcoming 2020 sessions, or for timetable and exam transcript release dates, please see our Ontario Clinical Exams (Practical) Exam Schedule.