Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam

Applicants for registration to practice naturopathy in Ontario after April 1, 2019, who are not transferring their ND registration from another regulated Canadian jurisdiction, will be required to successfully complete the College's Ontario Clinical Sciences exam. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of necessary naturopathic competencies for the treatment of patients. ​

This exam will replace the current NPLEX II exam as of April 1, 2019. (Applicants will still be required to also complete the NPLEX I exam until November 15, 2020, when it will be replaced by the new Ontario Biomedical Exam.)

Wondering which exam to take and when? Download the chart below for details. 

Which ETP exams do I take?
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The Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam is a mix of case-based and stand-alone questions, which test for clinical readiness and emphasize a candidate’s ability to apply their knowledge and critical thinking.

The Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam Blueprint below outlines the competencies – and weighting – to be tested in each content area. 

Exam Blueprint
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Exam Fees

We anticipate that the fees for the new exams will be similar to those for NPLEX. That said, in order to establish fees, the College is legally required to consult with the public its Members and stakeholders for 60 days. This consultation is now active and we encourage you to participate by reviewing the proposed fees and sending us your feedback by the deadline of January 16, 2019. 

The College’s governing Council will consider all of the feedback received and set the exam fees. The fees will be posted on our website and shared with relevant stakeholders.