Examinations Overview

The College relies on a number of impartial and objective measures of an applicant’s qualifications to ensure they have the knowledge, skill and judgment to practise safely, competently and ethically upon registration. These will vary depending on which registration pathway an applicant is following (as described in the Registration Overview).  

Individuals applying for registration must successfully complete the College’s entry-to-practise exams. Details about each are provided below.

Find more information below about:

  • Entry-to-practise exam policies
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Accommodation requests
  • Retaking entry-to-practise exams 
  • Which ETP exams do I take?

Entry-to-practise exam policies

The policies contain details about the College’s entry-to-practise exams and the transition policy from NPLEX to the new Clinical Sciences and Biomedical exams. Find the Examinations Policies on the Resource section of our website.
College Examinations Policy
(Adobe PDF File)
Eligibility Requirements 

Find the eligibility requirements to register for any of the College’s entry-to-practise examinations in the PDF below.

Which exams do I take?

The following chart explains which exams to take and when, based on different scenarios and timing. 
Which ETP exams do I take?
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Ontario Clinical Sciences and Biomedical Exams

Both the Ontario Clinical Sciences exam and the Ontario Biomedical exam are a mix of case-based and stand-alone multiple-choice questions, which test an individual’s naturopathic knowledge and clinical readiness. 
About the Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam
About the Ontario Biomedical Exam

Ontario Clinical (Practical) Examinations 

Practical examinations which assess an individual’s knowledge and hands-on practical skill in naturopathic manipulation, acupuncture and physical examination/instrumentation.

About the Ontario Clinical (Practical) Examinations

Jurisprudence Examination

All applicants for registration, regardless of which pathway is being used to become registered, must complete the Jurisprudence Examination. This open-book exam is a learning-oriented module that focuses on the legislation, regulations and standards of practice of the profession in Ontario. 

About the Jurisprudence Examination 

Accommodation Requests

The PDF below outlines how to request an exam accommodation and the documentation needed by the College to support the request. 
Exam Accommodation Requests
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Retaking the Ontario Clinical Sciences or Ontario Clinical (Practical) Exam