Application for Registration


The College requires a variety of information to determine eligibility for registration. The information collected is used in three ways:

  1. To assess an applicant's ability to practice Naturopathy in a safe, competent & ethical manner;
  2. To fulfill the College’s mandate of public protection; and 
  3. To assist the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in developing Ontario’s health human resources strategy.


The College's application is $275.00 plus HST.

Application fees are charged in addition to the annual registration fee and are non-refundable. All fees are payable in Canadian dollars and can be paid:

  • online with VISA or Mastercard;
  • by mailing a cheque or money order made payable to the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.  

Registration Streams

An applicant's education, experience, and currency will determine the registration stream through which they may apply.

Stream A: Application for Ontario Registration - Under 2 years

Applicants who are applying for registration within two years of graduating from a CNME-accredited program, or within two years of having been deemed substantially equivalent by the College through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Program.

Stream B: Application for Ontario Registration - Over 2 years

Applicants who graduated from a CNME-accredited program more than two years prior to the date of application and are not currently practicing in another regulated Canadian jurisdiction.

Stream C: Inter-Provincial Transfer under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)

Applicants who are currently registered and practising the profession in another regulated Canadian jurisdiction.  Those applying through Stream C must be in good standing with their provincial regulator, registered in the active or practising category of registration and practising the profession in the jurisdiction where they hold registration.

Required Information & Documentation

The application form consists of multiple sections, some of which require supporting documentation to be provided to the College.  Additional information on completing each section of the Application for Registration form, and on required supporting documentation* is available in the Application for Registration Handbook.


In recognition that some applicants may experience challenges this year in obtaining *required documents to support their application for registration, the College is providing some temporary, alternative options to allow eligible applicants to enter the profession, while still ensuring public protection. 

For more information on making an Application for Registration during COVID-19, please review our Applying for Registration During the COVID-19 Pandemic guidance document.


To avoid delays as a result of inaccurate or incomplete information, all applicants are encouraged to review the Application for Registration handbook carefully before starting the application process and refer to the Applicant Checklist. 

All applicants will need the following documents readily available for reference before beginning the application form:

  • A copy of their current CPR certification.
  • Details regarding the CPIC report order (the original CPIC report should be send to the College after completing Step 2).
  • Any information and documentation about findings of guilt or current proceedings.

Following receipt of an applicant's Application for Registration, the applicant will be billed and provided with directive for paying the application fee.
To make an Application for Registration, select the "Registration: Step 2" option from the Become a ND drop-down menu. Note: Applicants must be logged into the website to access this online form.


The application fee payment and all required documentation must be received by the College before an application can be processed.  Processing time for completed applications is 7-10 business days, unless a referral to a panel of the Registration Committee is required.

Submitted applications received with incomplete, incorrect, or inconsistent information cannot be processed until they are corrected by the applicant. To avoid processing delays and incurring extra fees, applicants are urged to read through all the provided materials and call or email the College with any questions not covered in the handbook prior to submitting their Application for Registration.

Next Steps

Once an Application for Registration has been reviewed and processed, the Registration Department will send an email with the outcome of the assessment of the applicant's eligibility to register.  This email will outline one of two possible processes:

  1. Eligible for Registration – The applicant has been confirmed to have met entry-to-practise requirements and deemed ‘eligible’ for issuance of a Certificate of Registration. The applicant is provided with instructions on completing Step 3 of the application process. 
  2. Notice of Referral - Based on the information provided in the application, the Registrar has reasonable doubt about whether the applicant meets all entry-to-practise requirements and must refer the matter to a panel of the Registration Committee for review.  The applicant will be provided with the reasons for this referral and will be afforded an opportunity to make a submission to the panel. 

Other Important  Information

  • Submission of the application form is immediate upon proceeding to check-out.
  • Applications cannot be processed and finalized until the College receives all necessary documentation, including their hard copy CPIC report.
  • Applicants who cannot agree to one or more of the declarations at the end of the application form are asked to contact the Registration Department of the College for assistance.
  • Applicants who cannot complete the online application form should contact the College to arrange for an appointment to complete it with staff assistance.