Qualifications for the Ontario Clinical Examinations

To qualify to sit the Ontario Clinical Exams, candidates applying to re-take (an) exam(s) must:
  • Submit a copy of their valid, photo identification (a copy of one’s identification must be submitted prior to any attempt at the Ontario Clinical Exams);
  • Ensure the residential address and contact information listed on their College profile is still correct and if not, has been appropriately updated;
  • Complete the Online Exam Registration process, including payment of the applicable fee(s). Please note that the College charges $150 (plus HST) per re-take exam (e.g. if re-taking Manipulation and Acupuncture you will be paying $300 + HST);
  • Submit any additional information (e.g. exam accommodation requests with supporting documentation) by the Ontario Clinical Examinations Registration Deadline.
Note: candidates who have previously applied for the Ontario Clinical Examinations are not required to resubmit the Application for Pre-Registration or their academic transcript(s).