First Time Candidates

To qualify to sit the Ontario Clinical Exams, first-time Ontario Clinical Exams candidates must complete the Pre-Registration Process with submission of the following documents (hard-copy or by email to

  • A completed copy of the College’s Application for Pre-Registration (all fields must be typed in and the form must be printed off and manually signed before submitting);
  • A copy of legible, valid photo identification (please refer to the Application for Pre-Registration regarding accepted forms of identification; expired identification and health cards cannot not be accepted);

Once the above documents have been received and processed (24-48 hours), eligible candidates will receive an email with directives for creating their College user account to allow them to access, and complete the Online Exam Registration process, including paying their exam registration fee. Candidates are not considered registered for the Ontario Clinical Examinations until they have completed their Online Exam Registration and have paid the examinations fee.

In addition, to confirm eligibility, candidates must arrange for their naturopathic academic transcript to be sent directly to the College from their academic institute by the transcript deadline. CNME-accredited program graduates whose acupuncture training was obtained outside of their naturopathic program should refer to the Ontario Clinical Examinations Handbook for additional document submission requirements to substantiate their acupuncture training.

To avoid delays in processing time, applicants are advised to read over their form and ensure all information in complete and accurate prior to submitting it to the College.