Changes in College Structure and Personnel


The College of Naturopaths of Ontario is pleased to announce some important changes to the organizational structure of the College. These changes have been made in order to better serve our customers (the public and members of the profession), and ensure that we are operating as efficiently as possible. 

The Registration Department, previously overseen by the Director of Registration, has been split into two separate divisions, each now being led by a Manager. The first division oversees examinations and applications for registration, while the second division deals exclusively with members. This will allow each area to focus more clearly on their separate roles and responsibilities. We believe this will increase the speed with which we can register new applicants and improve our processing of member related matters, such as annual dues payments, information returns and class changes.

A second change has been the elimination of the position of Manager, Corporate Services, which has been replaced with a Manager, Communications. We believe that this will allow the College to focus more clearly and effectively on communications with all stakeholders, but in particular with our members.  

With this change, the position of Finance and Administrative Officer will now report directly to the Registrar.

Personnel Changes

Manager, Examinations and Entry-to-Practice

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Erica Laugalys to the position of Manager, Examinations and Entry-to-Practice. Erica’s knowledge and experience in overseeing the examinations of the BDDT-N and now the College will be a continued asset to the College. Her understanding of the application processing system and how to manage these processes will bring definite improvements to our overall processing time and examination administration.

Examinations Coordinator

I am also pleased to announce the appointment of Aimee Leung to the position of Examinations Coordinator. Aimee has a background in examination administration and delivery and, as such, will be in a position to provide immediate support to the new Manager of the area.

Manager, Membership

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Anna Jeremian to the position of Manager, Membership. Anna comes to the College of Naturopaths of Ontario from the College of Early Childhood Educators where she was instrumental in setting up the registration process and managing registration projects for that College, which had over 48,000 members.  

Manager, Communications

I am pleased to welcome Shelley Ledger to the position of Manager (Acting), Communications. Shelley comes to the College with an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory system having worked with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and the Health Professions Appeal Review Board. Shelley’s first task is to review the College’s past communications and reach out to stakeholders, including members of the profession, to get feedback on what has worked, what has come up short and where we might make changes. We are confident that with Shelley’s efforts, the College’s future communications will be on the right track and hitting the right note with members.

Deputy Registrar

Finally, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Quesnelle as Deputy Registrar. Jeremy has been with the College for four years and was more recently the Director of Professional Practice. As Deputy Registrar, Jeremy will continue to focus on the Professional Practice areas of the College, including Quality Assurance (QA), Inquiries, Complaints and Reports (ICRC), Inspections, when the program is launched, and will assist the Registrar in the overall management of the College. 

Here is the complete listing for all CONO staff .